18V Lithium-Ion Battery-Operated Grease Gun w/ LUBE 1 

Battery: 2 Rechargeable Li-On 18 volt, 1.500 mAh
Material: Cast aluminum head construction for durabilityand long life
High volume Low pressure: 280 Bar (4,000PSI) ; Grease Rate: 200g/min (7oz/min.)
High pressure Low volume: 690 Bar (10,000PSI) ; Grease Rate: 80g/min (2.8oz/min.)
3 way usage: Germany 400cc screw type grease cartridge 
                 Germany 500cc screw type grease cartridge 
                 Traditional 400cc grease cartridge 
                 Traditional 400cc grease cartridge with smart piston
Air pocket valve: relieves air pockets and improves priming
The lithium-ion battery could be charged without memory effect
Pressure relief valve: Prevent motor overload (7000PSI factory preset)
Built-in LED light illusminates the work
76cm (30 in.) flexiblegrease whip hose
with shoulder strap
Operating Temperature: 32~104F (0~40C)
No. of Grease cartridge that can be dispensed with a single (full charged) battery: >6
*Based upon NLGI#2, Multi-purpose grease. 
New weight of grease gun (including battery):5lb./ (2.25kg)
-Perfect for high viscosity grease or low temperature operation
-Multi-function usage for different preference of grease cartridge  or apply any grease cartridge on hand
-Standard end cap type barrel provide two way usage 
-Longer empty barrel is energy saving by better leverage & working pressure


Master Pack Weight Measurement
4 sets/ctn  26.3 kg(58lbs) (NW) / 26.6 kg(58.6lbs) (GW)  5'
Packing Unit Pack : BMC without any brand
Weight : 5 kg/11lbs (NW) / 5.5kg/12lbs(GW)
Measurement : 1'